El Encierro

The most famous bull run is the encierro held in Pamplona during the nine-day festival of Sanfermines in honour of Saint Fermin, co-patron saint of Navarre, Spain

Though there is no formal dress code, the very common and traditional attire is white trousers, a white shirt with a red cummerbund around the waist, and a red neckerchief around the neck. This dress is to honour San Fermin, the center of the celebration, because of his martyr’s death; the white outfits represent the purity and holiness of a saint, and the red kerchiefs (pañuelos), represent his death by decapitation.

It has become a major global tourism event, today very different from the traditional, local festival. More traditional summer bull runs are held in other places such as towns and villages across Spain and Portugal, in some cities in Mexico, and in southern France.