MSI Infographic

MSI taps into the spirit of exploration by designing the greatest laptop collection – Prestige Series. To keep more efficient the work, these finely-crafted machines not only show unique taste but also are immensely powerful. Thin and light yet immensely powerful, it enhances your style and workflow wherever you go.

Pink is the style and also an attitude of the way you act. Pursuing the elite style through unique taste and innovative spirit, the Prestige 14 Rose Pink brings sophistication to life. Contemporary styling with diamond-cut edge and sandblasted texture, the timeless piece is distinguished by elegant and understated design.

The project to develop this infographic was based on a stylised and sophisticated look and feel, resembling fashion sketches done by Anna in her day to day work as a Fashion Designer. The pink colour was used through and, as an accent colour to enhance MSI Prestige pink model. All illustrations were made from scratch according to the overall design aesthetics.

Infographic designed with and for MSI.